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Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition: Winner Announcement

Films created by Kuzmacinema (in russian):
This is the site of producer Kuzma Vostrikov. Here you can find information about my films, producer concept (in some ways a manifesto, in russian), and contact information.

1. The Budapest SHOrt International Film Festival (Hungary) GOLD BUSHO professional jury, BEST PRIZE student jury
2. Special mention at the festival The 15th Hong Kong Independent Short Film Festival (China)
3. Best Production Design Sapporo Short Fest 2010
4. Diploma Conception singularity and accuracy in production filmfestival Svyataya Anna (Russia)
5. Diploma filmfestival "Pro Vzglayd" (Russia)
6. Vatka Filmfestival in Kirov (Russia) BEST FILM
7. Kinotavr 2010 (Sochi, Russia)
8. Sehsuechte - International Student Film Festival (Germany)
9. Fluxus 2010 7th International Film Festival On The Internet 2010 (Brazil)
10.Locarno Film Festival 2009 (Switzerland)
11.Early Melons Student Film Festival 2010 (Slovakia)
12. Sofia International Film Festival 2010 (Bulgaria)
13. Cape Winelands Film Festival 2010 (South Africa)
14. Moscow Short Film Festival 2010 (Russia)
15. Ankara International Film Festival 2010 (Turkiye)
16. ART FILM FEST 2010 (Slovak Republic)
17. CinemadaMare! 2010 (Italy)
18. Federation Tunisienne des Cineastes Amateurs Festival Internation de Film Amateur de Kelibia 2010 (Tunisia)
19. International Film Festival in Vladivostok "Pacific Meridian / Meridiany Tihogo" 2010 (Russia)
20. SHORTMOVES 2010 10th International Short Film Festival (Halle (Saale), Germany)
21. Moscow Premiere Fest 2010 (Russia) - student jury PRIZE
22. JamesonCineFest-Miskolc 2010 (Hungary)
23. shnit Open 2010 (Switzerland)
24. Rencontres Henri Langlois International film schools festival 2010 (France)
25. 28eme Festival Tous Courts Festival Aix-en-Provence International Film Festival (France)
26. 18th ContraVision Film Festival (Germany)
27. 7th Filmfest Eberswalde (Germany)
28. Unabhangiges FilmFest Osnabruck (Germany)
29. Montreal World Film Festival 2009 (Canada)
30. Geneva International Film Festival Cinema Tous Ecrans 2009 (Switzerland) - PRIZE for the International Short Film
31. ARTKINO 2010 (Russia) - BEST PRIZE for Short Films up to 15 min
32. Kinoproba 2009 (Russia) - BEST PRIZE for student film in Short Films Programm
33. V International Cinema Festival OPEN CINEMA (Russia)
34. Art-Izo 2011 (Russia) - BEST FILM up to 10 min
35. ARTKINO 2011 (Russia)
36. Novara Cine Festival 2011 (Italy)
37. Molodost 2011 (Ukraine)
38. Stalker 2011 (Russia)
39. VI International Independent Film Festival in Batumi (Georgia)

Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition:
Winner Announcement

We are proud to announce that Dmitry Ivanov has been awarded as a winner in the Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition for his entry The Harvest Fest.
The entry was selected from the shortlisted works as the most sophisticated, deep and solid one.
This is an excellent screenplay, - says Nikolay Granik, one of our judges. — An eternal tale about youth, ageing, home town and sea. The current story is held by the author's intonation with references to Georgian cinema. The negotiations on selling script and production has already started.

The Harvest Fest has won in the tough fight with the following entries:

The Stationmaster by Anna Sagalayeva
The Excuse by Alexey Zakharov
The Book Of Blizzard by Egor Fedorov
The Obligatory by Randy Gross
Tiramisu by Savvah Minaev
Nina by Maria Excer

We are eager to conduct the next contest, but due to economic situation we have to wait not less than 1,5 years.
Thanks to all participants!

2011 Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition shortlist is announced
We are proud to announce the shortlisted entries.
Over the last three months we've got about 450 entries of different genres in Russian and English. We were sincerely pleased by such amount of the competitors.
Every work was carefully read and analyzed by five judges to avoid any mistakes or misunderstanding. As a result the jury decided to extend the shortlist and the period for forming it as well.
The second part of the shortlist will be announced by January 31, 2012.
Thanks to all participants for the professional courage and support.

The first part of shortlisted entries is:

The Stationmaster by Anna Sagalayeva
The Harvest Fest by Dmitry Ivanov
Where The Gods Stay At Night by Dmitry Ivanov
The Mouse's Celebration by Sighita Mostavichute
A Piece Of Vicissitudes by Evgeny Ermakov
A Good One by Rafat Samigullin
Myron by Maxim Lagunov
Hemingway's Rough Raper by Danil Sukhoryobrov
The Excuse by Alexey Zakharov
Yarmonka (The Village Fair) by Vladimir Golyshev
The Distant Relatives by Andrey Kamyshev
Where Had Gone Leslie Howard? by Maria Rozhdestvenskaya
William!.. by Mikhail Kolomensky
Dear Granny by Alexey Shakhnazarov
Hruschevka (The Slum) by Vadim Novak
A Big President by Eduard Reznick
President Pi by Sergey Lysenko
Eastern Western Or Shoot, The Blind Lenochka! by Grigory Lerin


Dear Friends,

We would like to say again and again how pleased we are by participants' courage. You were not afraid to hurt the sensitive author's self-esteem by the severe contest storm. We are close to the final choice and have some secrets to uncover.
The first secret is learning. During this competition we felt the industry as it was. Sometimes the veterans proposed us to run across their screenplay before bedtime, over the contest rules. Sometimes people attacked us with hard criticism saying that we were the certain thieves.
The second secret is rather sad. We almost sank in the featureless texts with cosmic (definitely it wasn't Russian or English) grammar and fantastic formatting. But we honestly read all the texts and this force training made the real men of us, including ladies.
Our English-speaking colleagues demonstrated the usual opinion on Russian business with routine disbelief and skepticism in common. Special thanks to those who risked and supported our invitation! You showed us a desired professionalism.
After exhausting January the jury takes a break for one day. The following two weeks will be dedicated to the choice of winner.
A good news is that we found another excellent artworks and formed the second part of our shortlist! And here they are:

Tiramisu by Savvah Minaev
Atcha by Rashid Malikhov and Valery Gussev
The Soybean Rings Again by Lee Liu
The Book Of Blizzard by Egor Fedorov
The Best Friends Forever by Ruslan Paushu
Metaphysics by Rafat Samigullin
Richmond by Mark Simborg
Vanya Gadov, The Life Of Killer by Vasily Loza (based on the short story Groom by Iouri Mamleiev)
Nina by Maria Excer
Olkhovka Or The Kitten On The Pole by Anna Donatova
A Loner by Natalia Avanova
Human Beings by Evgeny Titkov
The Killer's Glance by Igor Camerzan
Noir by Vadim Novak and Andrey Cravtchenko
THE OBLIGATORY by Randy Lee Gross

Wishing you the creative breakthrough,
Pale and tired,
Kuzma Vostrikov

Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition
We are pleased to announce a Feature Script Competition to discover a great independent feature script for following production. Screenplays must meet standard feature-length screenplay format. Allusions and citations from the world culture legacy are allowed as well as elements of absurdity or poetic manner.
Guidelines & Rules
1. Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition is open to anyone, anywhere. No entry fee.

2. Entries must be received by December 15, 2011 using email.

3. Winners script will be bought by Kuzmacinema production company for filmmaking.

4. Script for submission should be directed to:

5. Submissions must be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or .pdf format. Please, specify in subject the film title, your lastname and name (title_lastname_name).

6. Submitted feature-length scripts must be original works of the writer(s), owned entirely by writer(s) and cannot be under option, sold or produced.

7. Substitutions of new drafts will not be accepted after entry.

8. The next genres are not allowed: Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller.

9. Confirmation of receipt of online submissions will be done only via automated email at the time of submission. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to ensure that emails from can pass through your spam filter.

10. Your submission must be written in the Russian or English language. A query letter with log line and a short synopsis must be included for each screenplay you submit. Your submission must be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or .pdf format and directed to

11. Scripts by more than one writer are eligible.

12. The short list is as stated in the web page by January 15, 2012.

13. All scripts reaching the short list will be re-read.

14. Winner will be notified by February 15, 2012 in the web page

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are you only accepting online entries?
Its an effort to make our contest as independent as possible: no entry fee, no transportation costs, no boards.

Will you let me know when you've received my entry?
Confirmation of receipt of online submissions will be done only via automated email at the time of submission. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to ensure that emails from can pass through your spam filter.

When will the short list be announced? Winner?
The short-list will be announced by January 15, 2012. Winner will be notified by February 15, 2012.

Do I lose the rights to my screenplay if I enter the competition?
No, the screenplay is yours if you enter.

Does my screenplay submission have to fit within a specific genre or budget?
Due to Kuzmacinema concept the next genres are not allowed: Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller. Screenplays are not judged on budget.

Can I enter more than one screenplay in the competition?
Scripts by more than one writer are eligible. You can enter more than one screenplay.

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